Événement Conférence
Date 26.03.2019
Lieu Farelhaus, Quai du haut 12, 2502 Bienne
Organisation Forum de l'architecture de Bienne

Conférencier: Ole Hornbeck
Langue de la conférence: anglais


JJW Arkitekter work within the field of “everyday architecture” – the buildings and places we all go through and use every day. With attention to detail, user needs and beauty we believe that the most ordinary places can become extraordinary. We work with education, housing, healthcare and business and our goal is to design long-lasting buildings, that doesn’t burden future generations. We believe that the means to fulfill this goal is to work dedicated and systematic with sustainability. Not just because this is an environmental necessity, but because we truly believe this is a way to design better projects that will improve the daily life of the users, develop the local community and create economic value to the owners. Our approach to sustainability is holistic and puts focus on both environmental, economic and social sustainability.

Ole Hornbek has been a central force in the development of the office and its projects since 2002. As partner and head of development he works with business and project development. Ole is a leading voice in the sustainable development of the architecture business, and is on the board of the Danish Green Building Council, whom is working with sustainability and certification within the building industry. JJW Arkitekter was established in 1986. Today the practice employs 80 architects, constructing architects, landscape architects and interior architects. Besides basic technical competences JJW Arkiteter is specialized within sustainability and DGNB-certification, user involvement and process management. The company is owned by Ole Hornbek, Katja Viltoft, Anders Holst Jensen, David Ploug and Lars Andersen.

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